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We NEED "little happiness" when taking care.

We CHOOSE  "little happiness" when taking care.

We ACHIEVE "little happiness" when taking care.

- Vivian Lou

Why Caregivers?

  • Family caregivers are the backbone of the community and long-term care for the ever-expanding ageing population worldwide. 

  • Family caregivers are known to be the ‘invisible patients’ who have higher risks for physical and mental health problems than non-caregivers.

  • Family caregivers with ill-health are more likely to be abusive, leading to family tragedy.

  • Better support for family caregivers is associated with better health outcomes for frail older adults, family functioning, and the well-being of caregivers.

HappyTimesCard cover-website use-Clio-pa
HappyTimesCard cover-website use-Clio-pa

Happy Times Card

Everyone must have the need to be taken care of in their life, so taking care is closely related to each of us. We are either taking care of, or have taken care of, or have the opportunity to take care of someone in need in the future. According to social activity theory, caregivers enjoying "little happiness" every day can effectively reduce caregivers' load, reduce depression and increase happiness!


We focus on enhancing the quality of life of caregivers through rigorous and innovative research. We have a strong research team which comprises experts in different areas of gerontology. The team investigates into various caregiver-related issues through multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural studies in conjunction with local and overseas experts. 

HappyTimesCard cover-website use-Clio-pa
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