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About Us

Why Caregivers?

  • Family caregivers are the backbone of the community and long-term care for the ever-expanding ageing population worldwide. 

  • Family caregivers are known to be the ‘invisible patients’ who have higher risks for physical and mental health problems than non-caregivers.

  • Family caregivers with ill-health are more likely to be abusive, leading to family tragedy.

  • Better support for family caregivers is associated with better health outcomes for frail older adults, family functioning, and the well-being of caregivers.

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  • Advance knowledge in caregiving science

  • Develop evidence-based practice to enable quality caregiving


  • To improve quality of care and quality of life of caregivers and whom they are taking care of


  • Caregivers are a social capital deserving formal recognition

  • Caregivers deserve holistic services to address unmet needs

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