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Our research findings can be found in the below publications

©2021 by Sau Po Centre on Ageing.


  1. Zhao, X., Liu, H., Wang, Z., Zhang, Q., & Lou, V. W. (2019). The Effect of Caregiving on the Depressive Symptoms of Older Spousal Caregivers in China. Innovation in Aging, 3 (Supp 1), S285. doi:10.1093/geroni/igz038.1053

  2. Yu, D. S.-F.*, Li, P. W.-C., Zhang, F., Cheng, S.-T., Ng, T. K., & Judge, K. S.. (2019). The effects of a dyadic strength-based empowerment program on the health outcomes of people with mild cognitive impairment and their family caregivers: a randomized controlled trial. Clinical Interventions in Aging, Volume 14, 1705–1717.

  3. Liu, H., & Lou, V.* (2019). Transitioning into spousal caregiving: contribution of caregiving intensity and caregivers' multiple chronic conditions to functional health. Age and ageing, 48(1), 108–114.

  4. Li, M., Mao, W., Chi, I., & Lou, V. (2019). Geographical proximity and depressive symptoms among adult child caregivers: social support as a moderator. Aging & mental health, 23(2), 205–213.

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