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Our research findings can be found in the below publications


  1. Liu, H., Li, Y., Wang, Y., Morrow-Howell, N., Lou, V. W. Q.*, Shen, H. W. (2021) Within‐couple dissimilarities in functional impairment as determinants of spousal care arrangement among older married couples. Research in Nursing & Health. doi: 10.1002/nur.22113​

  2. Yu, D. S. F.*, Cheng, S., & Kwok, T.. (2021). Developing and testing of an integrative theoretical model to predict positive aspects of caregiving among family caregivers of persons with dementia: A study protocol. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 77(1), 401–410.

  3. Lee, J.J., Tsang, W.N., Yang, S.C., Kwok, J.Y.Y., Lou, V.W.Q., Lau, K.K. (2021). Qualitative Study of Chinese Stroke Caregivers' Caregiving Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Stroke. doi:10.1161/strokeaha.120.032250

  4. Jiang, N., Sun, Q., & Lou, V. W. Q.*. (2021). The impact of caregiver's depressive symptoms on trajectories of cognitive function in older adults with functional limitations. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

  5. Liu J.* (2021). Spouse and Adult-Child Dementia Caregivers in Chinese American Families: Who Are More Stressed Out?. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, S1525-8610(20)31062-8. Advance online publication.

  6. Huang, J., Chau, P. H., Choi, E. P. H., Wu, B., & Lou, V. W. Q.*. (2021). The Patterns of Caregiving Activities for Family Caregivers of Older Adults in Hong Kong: An Exploratory Latent Class Analysis. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, 76(8), 1605–1616.

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